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Thank you 2016

Have we actually reached the end of 2016?! That really was a long one, don't you think?! There were personal ups and downs, Political...downs and we all know about the grim reaper going for them celebrities. It feels like about 5 years were crammed into this one and though I don't like, nor do I want, to lean on the negative, it feels good that it is finally out the way.

So, as is tradition and to inject some much needed positivity into proceedings here is my yearly gratitude list to all those that have been instrumental in helping me achieve my musical goals this year...I'll try not to well up and cry...This may go on a bit, apologies!

To begin with, special thanks to Rodrigo Roura and Mirko Simoni for the work they did with me on my album 'The Raging Sea' (Find it here). It was a lot of hard work (watch the below video of the making of the album) and there were lots of setbacks, but we did it and I made two very good friends out of the process, so massive props to you both...Yes we can!

Thanks to all the bloggers and journalists that covered the album and have continued to work with me and promote me. Most notably Laura from Style Buzz UK (Click Here) and Jammerzine (Click Here). I am always so grateful to people that take the time to listen and review, but I hold a special candle to those that continue to promote and support me, so massive love!

And this seamlessly brings me onto all those DJ's that have been playing my tracks all year. There have been over 50 stations that have been using my music and I thank every single one of you who've done so. Once again, the mighty Croydon Radio and most specifically the James And Kylie show, continue to be bastions of my music playing it on the reg and having me come on to chat nonsense. Love them for it. Also BBC Jersey and BBC London for championing my single Black Heart Down and who Open the Door Radio Blog who continue to spin my records on a weekly basis! Top team!

Thanks to my extra special and lovely radio plugger Emma Scott from Pluggin' Baby Whose help, support and quality personality helped me out no end. Massive Respect!

Martin Petty did a wonderful job on the new press shots and it was a pleasure working with him and playing at his event.

Thanks to Valentina Rutiliano for her expert photoshop skills, bringing The Raging Sea Artwork to life and to Mark Nguyen who did fantastic artwork for the Black Heart Down single.

Mike Sumpter needs a huge round of applause for making an excellent music video for BHD in a very short space of time, the man used hussle and ended up with something I truly love. Top lad!

Big props to Blee from The Xube who helped me with websites, promotional tools and all things technical that I just could not get my head around! So helpful and so useful and gave me the tools and confidence to move onto 2017 project myself...details to come soon!

Then there is of course all the live shows I've done this year, clocking up over another hundred and the promoters that continue to book me. As usual the stand outs continue to be Ant Buck from 21st Century Noise and all the lovely Girls at Threshold sports. Simply lovely human beings who continue to take care of their artists and I am forever grateful for that and I look forward to many more gigs next year.

A rather large 'cheers' to the fantastic Late Night Players for all the gigs we did, all the fun we had and the friendship we have. Next year there will be no more Late Night Players, I'm saddened to say, but what we did and achieved was awesome and I hope to see you in the studio next year for some recordings.

I'd also like to high five Jack King for making this remix of Black Heart Down.

And last but by no means least I want to thank everyone else! Each and everyone of you that came to my shows, bought my music, promoted my tunes and supported me across social media and beyond, I love you. Everyone that saw me busking in the Underground and gave me cash, encouragement, smiles, kisses and bizzare gifts, you're awesome! It's you guys that keep Independent music going and keep me performing and recording and so to you I wish you the very best for 2017 and I hope to see you or hear from you at some point. Loads of exciting things coming and I hope you keep tagging along this journey with me!

Loads and loads of love, farewell 2016 (You utter bastard!!) and let's make 2017 the very best!!

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