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New Year. New Music.

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope the hangovers and comedowns are not too much today! Congratulations to all of you for making it into the next round, affectionately titled '2017'. I mean it was anybody's guess how that friggin' year was going to end, huh?! But we bloody well made it!

Still, here we are, fresh invigorated and ready for another year ahead and this one's gonna be a doozy for sure. Have you all set your resolutions? I know I have and they include the absolute standards - Exercise and eat better (I put on a little bit of chub towards the end of the year and I'm close to having to change all my jeans because of it!), save more cash and I'm going dry for a while. Yep, no booze for me for the foreseeable...it was getting me into far too much trouble!

Anyway, who gives a shit about all that really?! What I wanted to explain was the plan for this year because I'm going to be doing things slightly different throughout 2017, if only to keep it fresh for me. So, below will explain all:

What's changed?

This year I'm not going to aim solely for the release of a new album or EP. I think for an Independent artist times have changed hugely, even in the past three years, and content truly is king. Some of you guys (though not all of you) have shortened attention spans it would seem and the thought of having to listen to a full album is outrageous. I get it. I don't necessarily agree of course, but then I'm an old school, retro, Mo' fo' so what do I know and who am I to argue with progress?!

So, instead I will be releasing a brand new track each month from January. At the end of the year I will have a twelve track album that any 'Old school, retro, Mo' Fo's' can then get their hands on. Exciting, no?!

The other thing that is different is how I approach and write these songs. I'm used to using my own formula (and no doubt loads do it this way) of writing songs and quite frankly I'm slightly bored of it. I want to write the best songs I possibly can and I want to push myself as a songwriter as much as possible, so I will now be approaching songs from uncomfortable areas.

No that doesn't mean I'll be playing my guitar with my man bits. Jesus! Bloody filthy minds you lot!

My way of writing has always been - Noodle on the guitar and find a chord sequence/progression I like. Find a melody. Write the lyrics and then everything else (bass lines, drums, other instruments) are added and worked out and voila! A song is born!

However, this year I will be writing songs from a keyboard/Piano - bear in mind I do not play keyboard or piano, so that's the challenge! - I will write starting with a bass line or a drum beat. I plan to write styles and genres of songs I've never attempted and I want to experiment with different concepts lyrically and sounds...well, sonically!

Will you still be playing live?

Is Donald Trump orange? Of course I will be playing live, however, the only difference this year is, (currently at least), all the shows will be solo. The Late Night Players are off doing their own thing this year, there has been no fall out but simply other commitments have come up and they cannot carry on. I'm hoping to get them in the studio at some point to record with me though, so they are not gone for good.

So, yes to playing but it will be just little old me. Check my gigs page for upcoming shows.

Where will I be able to listen to each new single?

When a new single is released it will go to my music page here on my website, on Soundcloud and on Youtube. You will be able to stream from here as well as purchase it if you'd like and then when the album is released at the end of the year it will be on all major outlets.

When is the first single released?

The first single is going to be released on the 27th January (the last Friday of the month) and is called 'Grape Juice'. You'll hear much more about this as time goes on but this track I have approached from the bass line and worked outwards from there and with the lyrics I freestyled them...whilst drunk, so there is character to them, shall we say!

So, that's it. Obviously I've got this new website up and running (I hope you like it) and there will be new bits and pieces added to it as we go and I will be keeping you in the loop with progress and anything new as we get stuck into 2017.

As usual please do let me know what you think about the tunes the artwork the site etc or just contact me for a chat, I'm always keen! I want this to be a transparent project, where you see it coming together and watch as it unfolds so there will be lots of updates.

This project is exciting for me and after a stint in the musical doldrums I'm feeling energised and up for this challenge...let's see how it goes!

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