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The Music Industry is changing for Independent Artists!

Being an Independent Artist can be hard work – We don’t just make music, we also promote ourselves; become Managers, Bookers, Website developers, videographers and a million other roles that you can think of. It’s very busy and I’d probably suggest the only respite comes when on stage or in the studio doing the thing we are all trying to do for the rest of our lives: Make music.

Essentially, we are entrepreneurs and our music is our brand. It’s sometimes easy to forget this.

And so it goes, that with everything we do we have to pay for it: whether that is recording costs, production costs, travel cost, video production costs, equipment costs…again the list goes on. Record Sales are at an all-time low for Independents, so we are left to hustle and work out ways of getting new streams of income other than just sales and merchandise in order to keep afloat. I play corporate shows, I negotiate gig payments, I get my music synched and I carry on busking in the London Underground in order to get the funds that allow me to carry on doing what I love doing.

This is not to say I don’t love what I do, I absolutely do, and that is why I, and millions of other Independent artists, fight so hard to keep on going and try to find new and ingenious ways of making money from their art.

But the music industry is changing for Independent Artists!

There is a new website, similar to Patreon, which is specifically built for musicians trying to make a living from what they do. It’s called Tradiio and it’s excellent so I’ve of course joined! Check out my page here.

The way it works is members of the public across the world can pay an artist a monthly amount, starting at £1 and in return the artist gives the patron exclusive, never seen or heard goodies. Things like acoustic version of tracks, never heard demo tracks, behind the scenes videos of a recording session, I mean the possibilities are endless. I think it’s just a brilliant way of bringing fans and artists together and allowing them to help each other out and take a journey together. Fans become part of the ‘company’, part of the process, which I think is just lovely and it means that artists get to flex their creative muscles and create bespoke, exclusive content for these ‘Members of the board’. I really love the idea.

As I have explained, the project I am embarking on this year is quite a challenging one. I am releasing a song every single month which has its challenges, not least from a financial point of view. With something like this, it can really help with the project and it can be down as a group, reveling in the successes and having some fun as we do it.

Go over to my site here and check out what I mean and if you like it and fancy getting involved (and you can afford to), then that would be ace!

Have you tried Tradiio or a similar site? Let me know in the comments below!

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