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The Best Tracks of 2016

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I'm sure this post probably should have been posted at the tail end of last year, but what with recording, building a new website and priming everything for this years 'New Track Every Month' project, I was slightly busy. Still, we're only into the first few days of the New Year so fuck it, here's SOME of my favourite tracks of 2016!

Let's start with arguably the biggest loss of 2016, The Star Man himself: David Bowie. Leaving behind one of his most beautiful albums ever at the beginning of the year in the shape of Black Star, Bowie managed to show that he was as much of a genius right up to the end. The track, I can't give everything away, is so hauntingly beautiful and one that still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

The Lemon Twigs came out of nowhere with a really interesting album (Do Hollywood), that apparently was recorded in their front room. The songs and the production is reminiscent of a whole mix of seventies bands and their look...well, they got that shit down to a T as well! I love this track, how it builds and how catchy the chorus is. I do love me a good old chorus!

I came across these guys by pure chance whilst searching for new music. I found their 5 track EP 'Weak Days Strong Nights' which is pretty damn good, but this tune is quite possibly my favourite of last year. It's dark and moody and yet the lyrics are funny and clever. They are also from the mighty South East London, so that's always a good thing in my books!

Forget that bloody dog on a trampoline in the John Lewis commercial, Vaults are more than their schmaltzy version of 'One Day I'll Fly Away' and this was proven by listening to their debut album 'Caught in still life'. Wonderful and glorious and this opening track sums it all up in my eyes.

After the massive success of his Ibiza Classics tour with the Heritage Orchestra, Pete Tong released this truly incredible album 'Classic House' which was at once euphoric and uplifting and also beautiful and mesmerising. There really isn't one track I could choose from this that is better than the others, but I'm in a bit of a chilled out, relaxed vibe so here's the wonderful 'Belfast' to take you to another dimension.

Eminem popped up once or twice last year and one of the tracks that came out was not technically a new track (In fact it was first released in 1996) but I truly loved this 2016 remix by F.B.T of title track 'Infinite'. It has such a wondrous, almost magical feel and sound to it and Eminem is just about finding his voice here before he smashed onto the scene. Worth a few listens for sure.

I mean just a wee snap shot of some of the tracks that pricked up my ears last year. I couldn't go through everything because we'd be here all day! But what tracks were you listening to?

Any recommendations for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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