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Just a wee update

We’re fully digging into this first month of the year now, huh? How’s it been for you guys? I have to say mine has been PRODUCTIVE - Yes that’s right, I did write that in bold capitals and underline it! What can I say? I’ve been doing a hell of a lot! That’s not to say it’s been all plain sailing of course! Christ no! There have been a few things that have made me question why the hell I ever agreed to release a track every bloody month!

Look, here's a picture of me shitting it...!

(Photo courtesy of Martin Petty)

Main problem was the studio and Producer I first started using towards the end of last year. Nice enough bloke and pretty good at his job, but there were business issues that came up, the sessions were slow and drawn out and then when I decided to cut my loses and go to another studio, I was left chasing the recordings we had done, which I needed to mix and master! It did not do my stress levels any favours and all this is happening whilst I abstain from booze and sugar!

Ah, the sweet, sweet days of me drinking booze! (Photo courtesy of Martin Petty)

Anyway, we’re moving forwards and ploughing on ahead and we are still looking at releasing the track ‘Grape Juice’ on the 27th January! I’ll write a full blog at the end of the week all about this little minx of a tune!

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