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Grape Juice is released!

In case you hadn't heard, my latest song, Grape Juice, was released yesterday - Hoo Rah! - which is not only exciting in itself, but that also means that my plan to release a new song every single month throughout 2017 has begun!

Grape Juice has been played by those folks at Croydon Radio already and I also went onto Rare FM yesterday where I chatted about the new track and they gave it a spin. All the feedback has been amazing - I mean like, REALLY good! Which is heartening considering I was over making music towards the end of last year. Not only that, my old friends House in the Sand wrote THIS lovely article about the track too!

If you've not heard it yet click HERE to head over to my music page and have a wee listen! Make sure to turn the sound up and have a little dance to it! It's a good track to get ready to before going out on a Saturday night - You know, if you're pre-gaming with friends. Put it on, turn it up loud and get in the mood to squeeze that GRAPE JUICE!

What do you think of Grape Juice Let me know what you think of the song in the comments below

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