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The time IS right for Trainspotting 2

I felt I needed to follow on from my blog on the 21st January - Is the time right for Trainspotting 2?- since I have now watched the sequel and I can now answer that question...Yes, the time is right!

Although essentially I guess you would have got that from simply reading the title of this blog....ho hum!

T2 is a beautiful piece of cinema , which I, er, never doubted for a second! Danny Boyle and all the cast have done a superb job of bringing these characters, that we know and love, back into our lives and making us actually still care about them. There is a warmth and depth to them that we get to see and an evolution of sorts that has happened to them over the past twenty years. This is not a film about youth and the devil may care attitude that youth brings, this is a film about being over the hill and learning to work with what life has dealt you. It can make for some stark viewing at times but it is done in such a sensitive and tasteful way that it never seems to become forced or overbearing as if a storyline is being thrust upon the viewer - It seems to slowly boil and bubble like a good bit of smack would...I am led to believe.

Much like the first film, the story grabs you and leads you through the highs (of which there are many) and lows (of which there are equally as many) of these characters lives and where they all are twenty years on. There are obviously nods to the first film, but it is done in a clever, subtle way that never feels trite or unnecessary and the development of the characters, (particularly, Begbie, for me personally), is approached with the same considered and detailed approach that leaves you coming away from the film elated.

Danny Boyle's Directing techniques, or at the very least his use of new technology, have developed ten fold which really helps to pull the viewers into the story and become swallowed up within the lives of Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie.

Not only that but the soundtrack - which I was truly dubious about - is sublime! As much care that has been given to the script, the direction and the characters themselves has clearly been put into the music and it is a wondrous emotive experience from start to finish. I should never have doubted it, really!

So, is it all just Unicorns and rainbows when discussing the merits of this film?!

Well, no. There are some very minor things that weren't perfect: Having Diane (played by Kelly McDonald) in the film seemed a little crow-barred in for my liking and not really needed. There is also a scene (don't worry this isn't a spoiler!) involving shooting up that I'm hesitant about as to what the actual need was for having it in the film, especially as it is never again referenced. The beginning too, was a little too choppy, jumping from one story to the next feeling a little too hasty in getting the show on the road.

However, I reiterate my point that these are really small, minor details that I am essentially picking at - Trainspotting 2 is MONUMENTAL! I cannot encourage you enough to go see it...you know, in the same way that I encouraged you in my first blog about it, right?! Ahem!

Have you seen Trainspotting 2? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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