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Stolen Music Video!

Just a little project update.

I knew this project of releasing a brand new track each month was going to test me but little did I know how much! The first Producer just wasn't cutting the mustard so I had to change Producers. this also meant changing studios. I just got into the swing of things with the new Producer, when a very concerning and unexpected personal issue cropped up for him. Certainly not his fault by any extent, but it did mean that tools were put down again and everything was put on hold - Thankfully all is well again and we are getting back to work. But apparently as these things happen in three's the latest issue has been the music video for Grape Juice, which has effectively been stolen!

I had to make the decision, (or rather I was forced to make the decision), to delay the release of the music video because, well, quite frankly the track wasn't completed until the very last minute owing to the issues I detailed in the previous paragraph! I accepted this and just delayed the video by 2 weeks. I went to see the first cut of it and it was looking great. I was happy with it. That night I looked forward to seeing the following edit a couple of days later...until I received this:

Not ideal in the slightest!

Yes, the entire project that the Director had been working on got stolen as it was all on the Laptop! Luckily the footage was all backed up on a USB, so we're still on for the release date of Friday 10th February, but it has meant a lot of hustle because the project itself wasn't backed up...School Boys Error!

Alas, the video is taking shape and it's looking great...freaking weird, for sure, but great none the less! I think you're going to like it a lot!

I'm hoping that is it for the hiccups and we can move on to the next track smoothly. Incidentally, that is almost mixed so will be sent to mastering in a matter of days! Woo hoo! That has a totally different vibe to Grape Juice, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll explain all soon!

How has your February been so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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