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2 Independent Artists you need to check out!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I play a lot of gigs. Some of you will already know this. I play a lot of said gigs in London. I therefore get to see a lot of live, independent music. Most of it is pretty good to be honest, I'd say it is pretty rare that I play places where the standard is awful. However, there are odd, maybe slightly rare occasions when you share a stage with an act that is sublime and that you need to shout about. So this is me shouting about a couple of folk I've shared a stage with in London recently...in WRITTEN FORM!**

The use of capitals is me shouting, in case you didn't realise.

Glenn Hodge

I was lucky enough to play with this scholar of a gentleman at Apples & Pears bar in East London. His music is definitely rooted in folk, but he has put his own very unique twist on it that makes it so very engaging. His lyrics are often poignant, fused with a dark sense of irony and humour that are crooned with a melody that is both immediate and arresting from the word go.

Sometimes, when gigging a lot, playing live in London can be a mixed bag and a bit of a chore. it is a huge beast of a city, saturated with artists playing in thousands of venues and it is really hard to tell what one gig will be like from the next. However, I can honestly say that this night was exceptional and inspiring, and if you catch Glenn live you'll know why that was.

You can find tour dates, music and all that social stuff right here on Glenn's website:


Pistol Pete Wearn

Thanks to the wonderful Southern Rail, I was of course running late for my gig at Acklam Village in beautiful West London, off the Portobello Road. I always love this daytime show (and audience!) and I look forward to it whenever I book it in.

Although I was running late I did manage to arrive around 10 minutes ahead of time for my performance, but the annoying thing was that it meant I only got to catch the last two tracks of Pistol Pete Wearn's performance. But let me tell you, they were two damn fine tracks! His music is foot stomping Blues that has real depth and a sincerity to it that makes the songs and Wearn himself, real and believable. A class act and one to definitely check out when he rides on in to a town near you.

You can find tour dates, music and all that social stuff for Pistol Pete Wearn here:


Two really great acts to go check out, because remember without support, Independent artists like these will head the way of the Dodo and that would simply be a travesty!

Have you seen any stand out Independent artists in your city or town?

Let me know in the comments below!

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