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New Music Every Month: February - California Quickly

My second single, California Quickly has been released! It was a bit touch and go to be honest because up until 2 weeks ago this was NOT going to be February's single! Nope, we were going to go for a track called Dying to stay alive but owing to some shit engineering in previous sessions I had to completely dump the ENTIRE SONG!

Here's an acoustic version of Dying to stay alive that I did for the wonderful House in the sand music blog, to celebrate their 5th birthday:

It was heartbreaking and stressful to have to scrap a song I'd spent so long on, to say the least but like a phoenix from the flames, myself and the multi talented Producer extraordinaire, Andre Lepori, managed to get California Quickly done and out in time!

Who said this project was going to be easy?!

I'm really, really...REALLY pleased with this track. Sonically, lyrically and emotionally, I feel I've captured something real. It is now up for everyone else to decide but I head onward to the track for March feeling very buoyant and happy with what I have put out so far.

Here's a lyric video of the track so you can sing along. If you want to support this process please buy the track from here. Big love to you all!

What do you think of California Quickly? Let me know in the comments below!

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