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The Nineties wasn't all about Brit-pop!

Whenever the topic of music from the nineties is brought up it is understandable that most people immediately think of the acts associated with Cool Britannia and Britpop. I mean, the mainstream media was flooded with the Blur versus Oasis feud, radio stations were mainly playing tracks from indie guitar bands and music television was awash with bands sporting sixties style mop top hair cuts and wearing Parker jackets.

It was a great time to be alive to be perfectly frank (!), but there were also other musical 'happenings' that were taking place that were arguably a lot more interesting than Liam Gallagher singing about the Son-shiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeee - Though I still loved that stuff too, of course!

So here is a collection of just some of the awesome music from the heady days of the 1990's! If I could only go back for a day - and an evening - I'd be a happy (of my face) boy!

The Awesome 3 - Don't Go

Coming out from the acid house days the dance scene in the nineties saw a ton of acts making rave tracks. Known as Old School, Electro or Breakbeat there was a huge scene and The Awesome 3 made this epic track that is still sounding fresh and relevant today. And God, that looping piano roll! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!

The Prodigy - Out Of Space

Seamlessly moving on from The Awesome 3, we go to The Prodigy who were setting the rave scene on fire (yes, they were the fire starters!) and catapulting themselves and the dance movement stratospheric. There were so many tunes to choose from but this classic seemed to sum that scene up pretty nicely.

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar

Another dance classic, take a breather from the last two, reach for the lasers and get ready for the euphoric drop! Some of the greatest euphoric house came out of the 1990's and this tune is a glowing example of that. TUUUUUNNNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony

Where do you begin with arguably one of the best albums from the nineties, in Blue Lines? Massive Attack were bold, brave and making some of the years most era defining tunes deep below the noise and racket of the Brit-pop scene. Another one that was tricky to choose just one track, but this single is so lush, emotional and almost menacing at times, it simply had to be.

Portishead - Numb

If Massive Attack were the Blur then Portishead would be the Oasis - I am sure they would both hate those comparisons but my point is that they were making similar music as each other and (kind of) battling it out in the Trip-Hop world...just slightly less aggressively than Liam and Damon, maybe!

What a fucking decade! I love the nineties and I shall forever love the nineties!

What tracks do you remember from the ninetiest? Let me know in the comments below!

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