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4 Podcasts to help with your Music Marketing

Independent artists in 2017 are effectively entrepreneurs - We are the artist, the label, the marketing department, the Booker and the promoter all rolled into one. It's a heavy load at times and for many of us there are often steep learning curves to conquer, but it is the reality of this day and age and is something to feel excited about and embrace. Never before have we, the artist, had so much control and freedom to achieve so much so long as we put the work in. It's fantastic.

But it is because of this that it is important to consistently be learning new skills and to study people that are making waves in the industry or are achieving great success - These are our teachers. What we are doing has been done a million times over - Records have been sold, merchandise has been produced and marketing campaigns conceived - it is just a case of studying the people that have been able to get this right and adapt and implement it to suit your career.

Attending seminars, watching YouTube videos and tutorials and reading blog posts and books are some of the ways in which you can grow your knowledge and understanding of Music Marketing and I encourage everyone to be using these tools and meet ups that exist out there as often as you can. However, another really simple, available and often free service that has a wealth of information and content that reinforces these tools are Podcasts. I listen to at least one podcast episode a day, because a good podcast not only feeds you valuable information and ideas but I find it also keeps me motivated and inspired.

Here are my top four podcasts that I think will help any Independent Musician out there to stay focused and to make serious headway out there:

1. Marketing Musician - Dave Jackson

This podcast offers really solid, relevant and sound (excuse the pun) advice about marketing your music, covering a variety of topics from recording, promoting and gigging. The interviews that Dave Jackson does are always engaging and there is a ton to learn both from the success stories and also from the tales of failures. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is trying to create a buzz and an online presence for their music as there is a treasure trove of information and tips that can be used.

2. Online Marketing Made Easy - Amy Porterfield

This podcast isn't music specific but that doesn't matter because the methods and processes overlap into music - our music is essentially the product we are marketing so all these strategies and ideas can be incorporated into our plans. Amy Porterfield interviews some fascinating entrepreneurs and business owners and delves deep into specific subjects for each episode. There is so much to learn about online marketing and it can almost be a bit daunting but Amy Porterfield makes this subject manageable and digestible and is a really strong resource to be able to dip into whenever you want to.

3. The Unleash Yourself Podcast - Michael Carbone

Much like the, Online Marketing made easy podcast, Michael Carbone's offering is of a similar format in which he interviews a variety of different online business owners in order to extract tips, ideas and motivation. I listen to this podcast on my morning runs and it really works to inspire and to create those 'aha' moments. Michael Carbone's interview technique is very conversational and never intrusive which makes it really comfortable listening that lays itself open for ideas and techniques to be expressed. A must listen to.

4. Song Exploder - Hrishikesh Hirway

This is one of my all time favourite podcasts. Song Exploder is a series of short mini-documentaries that tell the story of how a song was conceived and created told from the perspective of the songwriters themselves. Acts such as DJ Shadow, Bonobo, U2 and Iggy Pop have all done their own Song Exploder episode and they are absolutely fascinating. There are moments of absolute agreement as a songwriter explains their process and then there are other times where new ideas and approaches to song craft are detailed. Massively inspiring and hugely influential for any songwriter out there.

Hopefully these podcasts are of help and use to you. I think the beauty of podcasts is that they can be listened to at anytime, so you can be doing other things whilst you listen. For me that is ideal as I always seem to be doing other things! Good luck with it all!

What podcasts do you listen to? Let me know in the comments below!

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