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UK GENERAL ELECTION: Vote to save the arts!

Well, tomorrow is the most important time to vote since...well...er...the last time we had to vote...and we all know how that turned out!

So yeah, this one is IMPORTANT!

Now of course no party is perfect but some are better than others. Much, much better! I'm not here to talk about wages, nationaisation or the NHS (although these are fundamentally important) but rather I want to highlight the current state of the arts and how your vote will affect it for the better or worse depending which way you vote.

Funding for the arts has been slashed, cut and slashed again under this government with such vigor that since 2010 this has totaled a whopping £165 MILLION! What a massive slap in the face to artists and culture in general and what a loss to communities up and down the country. The arts are a hugely important part of society, offering opportunities to people, bringing about a a better sense of community, helping mental health issues and reflecting the world we live in to show us we are not alone, we are together and NOT divided. The arts are more than important to a decent, happy society - they are fundamental. Winston Churchill summed it up best:

Over the past ten years a whopping 40% of small music venues and clubs have been closed down, which has come about from the soaring rent prices and greedy property developers that are working in cahoots with this government. Think about some of the most iconic venues that have suffered and gone forever because of this disregard for, what is in actual fact a human need, art and culture. Small venues are what have helped raise the careers of too many bands and acts to even begin to try to mention. Without these places being open where are the acts of tomorrow going to cut their teeth, shape their sound and find themselves a fan base? It is an absolute outrage that this has happened and increasingly worrying that there is potential for even more cuts to spending on the arts. A venue closes down and what do we get in place for it? Yet more luxury apartments. Soon all we will have our expensive places to sleep and sweet fuck all to do, see or be inspired by.

It's a scary society we live in currently, and yet there is power tomorrow to start to make a change for a lot of things including the arts! The fact you read this blog (thanks for your support!) means you enjoy and actively participate in the arts. Of course you do! It's fundamental! So I urge you all to vote for a party that is clearly and definitely going to give to the arts, not take even more away. I won't be specific but I will say that it is certainly not this current government. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they won't be, so it is up to us to make them see that we do actually care about culture, we are bothered about artistic endevours and we will come together to make our society great again...ooohh...no, I've heard that slogan before, let's not use that one! But you get the jist - VOTE these bastards out!

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