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New Music Every Month: May - This song's for you

Track number 5 is now officially with us! Without wanting to tempt fate in anyway, this was the easiest of them all so far. The recording was quick and easy, the mixing straight forward and there were no issues holding up the process, which I have had with EVERY single track up until this point!

So, with that in mind I am most happy with the outcome of this track because I've not felt rushed or harassed to just 'get it out'...as an actor said to the bishop!

The track is about as soppy a love song as you can get, but with that classic pop-tastic, sixties vibe to make it make a little more sense. I had the initial idea after having, Your Song, by Elton John in my head for days. The purity of that love song is beautiful and I wanted to create something that, though doesn't sound anything like it, has the same sentiment to it.

The main question I get asked is: Who is it about?

The answer: Absolutely no one!

I've written songs about real people before (The Girl, Hard Foot Blues, Thank You, to name a few) but this was with no one in mind. That is not to say that one day I won't dedicate this song to the love of my life, but currently there is no sign of that!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. I feel it is a track that starts off the feel good nature of the summer to which we find ourselves in! If you can, please do support me by buying the track here, but of course it is totally free to stream on soundcloud and youtube and the website.

Right, almost at the half way point! WOW!

What do you think of the track? Let me know in the comments below!

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