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New Music Every Month - June: Ooh La La

We've only gone and made it to the HALF WAY point! 6 songs in 6 months! Incredible stuff, and I want to thank all of you who have supported me by sharing, downloading, liking and basically being super awesome every single month!

Today's track, Ooh La La, is obviously the track for June and has that seventies summer vibe about it. When I wrote it I found the chorus to be reminiscent of a seventies TV show, which I really loved so I kind of went to town on that! I really hope you like it.

As well as that I've released a 5 track EP today (Feelings aren't facts), worldwide with some of the tracks thus far and is available on all the big sites like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc!

To take a look back at what we've had so far though here's the work from the first half of the year as a little reminder:

January: Grape Juice

February: California Quickly

March: The Informer

April: Dying to stay alive

May: This song's for you

June: Ooh La La

What a ride so far! Looking forward to sharing 6 more tracks with all of you guys. Right, let's crack on with July then!

What do you think of Ooh La La? Let me know in the comments below!

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