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6 Month round up

I normally save these sort of posts for the end of the year, but as the #newmusiceverymonth project has me monitoring the successes and failures on a monthly basis (!) I figured it would be good to look back over the past 6 months to take in what has been achieved so far.

The past half a year has seen some positive personal developments: I've bought a flat, set up my home studio and recorded LOADS of new demos, so that's all pretty good. The amount of demos I've recorded is mainly due to the insane amount of time I have had since I stopped drinking! Yep,this year I went alcohol free for 6 months for a bit of an experiment and so far it's been going well. I'll write a specific blog about that next week I think.

As I planned at the end of last year, the live shows have been cut down dramatically. I no longer perform with the mighty, Late Night Players, so that meant a reduction in gigs and I kind of burnt myself out last year with the amount of shows I was doing so I made a conscious decision to take a bit of a calmer approach to the live performing. I also didn't really consider how much time the #newmusiceverymonth project would take up, so to be honest the smaller amount of gigs has actually been a God send!

That said, the live shows I have been involved with have been really good and massively enjoyable. From performing for Record Store Day, playing at familiar venues such as Acklam Village Market and Proud Galleries and going up and down the country performing in fields at various festivals it's been really good - not to mention that with the gaps in-between the shows and the lack of boozing, I've had hardly any issues with worrying about if my voice is going to hold out.

I find that is always a bonus!

The upcoming shows for Art of the Music, supporting Kavana, are set to be great ones so I strongly suggest you make it along to them if you can.

Obviously I can't do a 6 month round up without talking about the #newmusiceverymonth project, owing to it being the thing that has consumed my life there past six months - Not that I am moaning of course, I am loving it! 6 songs in 6 months and with a great response from reviewers and bloggers around the globe. I'm pleased to have had reviews and articles in publications and blogs I've already got a relationship with as well as connecting with new, lovely folk who seem to be enjoying the tunes and the project too. Creatively this process has been really good for me as I've been able to explore different ways of songwriting and discovering my muse. It's had it's issues, especially at the start of the process when I had to change Producers, but overall it has been positive and feels like I've blown away the cobwebs and this has unleashed something inside me that has given me ideas for next year.

Yes, I already have plans for next year! My mind rarely slows down!

Aside from 'Dying to stay alive', which I want to remix before the album is released, I'm happy with the content I've put out and Richer Unsigned was a fan too, putting me at number 2 in their tracks for March! A great achievement. Some of the instrumentals have been used in TV commercials as well, which is great and as I mentioned before, the whole process has really sparked my creativity and now I have tons of song ideas.

As well as the 6 new songs that have all been released here on the website, on Soundcloud and also on Youtube, I released an EP (Feelings aren't facts) worldwide so as it could be streamed and downloaded from all the big boys like Spotify and iTunes etc.

It's of course not all been plain sailing, but I have to say the first half of 2017 has been a lot of fun with a lot of successes and I am looking forward to the next half. 6 more songs coming your way! 👌☺️

How has your 6 months been in 2017 so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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