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The 7 best Maccabees tracks - Farewell The Maccabees

The Maccabees played their final gig in July, which is very sad news owing to them being, quite frankly, an AMAZING band. A continuously inventive and forward thinking group of musicians that developed and changed throughout their time together.

Still, instead of focusing on the negative I thought we should pay tribute to them by going back over some of their career defining tunes from their back catalogue.

1. X-Ray

We could not start this list without mentioning the first single that they released, X-Ray. Although it was maybe not the most commercially successful track from their debut album, Colour it in (Second single Latchmere was much more coveted) I believe it is the far superior song out of the two - Though I do still love Latchmere, just to be clear! The opening of X-Ray is menacing, the groove is infectious and the lyrics are dark. It was a real taste of things to come.

2. Toothpaste Kisses

Another one from their debut, Colour it in, Toothpaste kisses is a sublime, beautiful and quirky track that really shows the bands strength of being able to write incredible pop tracks that are slightly alternative. Toothpaste Kisses is under stated and innocent but never, ever cheap or cheesy.

3. Can you give it?

So, we move onto their second album, Wall of Arms - a much darker and considered album than the debut - and the song, Can you give it, shows this melancholy that was starting to seep into The Maccabees music. Alas, as with everything they do there was still a subtle and kind beauty to their music that resonates quite clearly on this song. Great video too!

4. No Kind Words

This is quite possibly my all time favourite Maccabees track. It builds so well and has such a good sentiment. The moodiness and confidence of the song is so apparent and it really conveys real feeling. Amazing song.

5. Feel to Follow

On the third album (Given to the wild) that The Maccabees released, the band showed themselves to be progressing even further. Their song writing was becoming even more lush and emotive than their previous albums. They seemed to be delving deeper again, into a more introspective and melancholic state and creating cinematic sized songs. Feel to follow is a great example of all these elements pulled together.

6. Spit it out

By the final album, Marks to prove it, I believe The Maccabees had established themselves as some of the greatest songwriters in the past 15 years. The complexity and depth to their music was unmistakable and was light years from where they began. Spit it out, is a testament to this thought and makes the split of them ever more sad.

7. Marks to prove it

The title track of their fourth and final album, Marks to prove it, is the best way I can think of to end these 7 tracks, allowing the band to state: they came, they lived it and they've got the Marks to prove it.

It is genuinely sad to see a band of such talent and such consistently great output come to an end, but we can at least take solace in the fact that we have these four albums to go back to forever. Thanks for the ride guys!

What was your favourite Maccabbees track? Let me know in the comments below!

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