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New Music to watch!

It's that time again when I mention a couple of acts I've had the pleasure of playing out live with who I reckon you will all dig and love and if so, get yourselves out to a show to see them and support live music!

Alfie Jackson

Previously the front man of Indie band The Holloways, Alfie Jackson is a singer I have had the pleasure of playing with on a number of occasions in London. Firstly, he is an utterly charming and lovely bloke, but that aside, he's a bloody talented songwriter too! He's currently writing and recording as a solo artist and I highly recommend seeing him live!


Here's Alfie's beautiful track, 'The Last Holiday', written for the brilliant charity, War Child

Useless Cities

The first band you should check out are Useless Cities. I've played on the same bill with them on a few occasions, doing performances for the #artofthemusic events put on by meet-petty photography and this four piece are really making some quite beautiful music. The vocals come from Keyboardist Conny and Guitarist Tom, melding together to make a distinct ethereal sound that is more atmospheric than a Werner Herzog movie. The back line is kept tight with Clare on bass and the impeccable rhythms of Tom on drums. They are a fantastic live act and one to check out if they play in your town...or even travel to see them! They're worth it!


Here's Useless Cities' official video for track 'New Feelings'

So there you go! Now get out there and support live music, independent artists and keep the dream alive!

Are there any new bands I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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