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The worst Oasis songs ever!

I love the Gallagher brothers and their music. Oasis were seminal in changing my outlook and way in which I thought about guitar music. However, by liking Oasis, you automatically put yourself into the pool of Oasis fans, and that can be a bit of an embarrassement to be honest.

You see, there are no fans of a band (that I've ever met) that are so fearcely devoted to a group than that of the Oasis fans. They are more like football team supporters than anything else - which I guess Oasis encouraged and created really.

There is nothing wrong with being passionately comitted to music, of course, but it is the actual blind faith and beleif that you do find with many Oasis fans, that it is a little bit off putting. I mean, the recent calls of 10 out of 10 for Liams solo outing, As You Were, is mental. It is a solid 6/low 7 - It is OK. Expected. Fine. Just fine.

And so it is with Oasis, with the chants of them being the 'greatest band ever to walk the face of the planet' and how every song that they put out was amazing! They weren't in repsonse to both statements. Little James anyone?!

So, as much as I am a HUGE Oasis fan, and I truly am, I thought I would list some of the songs that I personally think are awful from the first three albums - I thought about doing all of their albums but this would have been a long list!

Digsy's Dinner

Starting with the debut album, Definitely Maybe, is a bit of a struggle really, because overall this is a very fine rock-n-roll album. That said we do still have, Digsy's Dinner, which is by far and wide the worst track on the album. I personally don't mind the music and the melody so much, but the lyrics really grate on me. Talking about 'Lasagne', 'strawberries and cream' and 'coming to mine for tea' simply annoys me and so from the very moment I hear the opening guitar chords I am pressing skip. That's not to say I hate all of the lyrics, I do love the line: "These could be the best days of our lives, but I don't think we've been living very wise", but it's a small pay off in what is an otherwise annoying track.

Hey Now

Moving on to, What's The Story (Morning Glory), the breakthrough album for the band and the album that probably has the most amount of, known, worldwide hits on. There sits on this album a bit of a filler track in the shape of, Hey Now. A song that never seems to go anywhere and plods along, never seeming to end! It's, as always, very melodic but it just feels like filler and a track like their B-Side, Rocking Chair, would have been a much better suited album track.

Don't Look Back in Anger

No way?! He can't honestly hate one of their biggest hits?! Well, no I don't hate, Don't look back in anger, but I have never really liked it either. Dare I say, I find it boring?! Yes. Yes I do. I didn't like it when it came out as a single and I always skipped it once I got the album. As the years have passed and the tune has become a 'classic', I've of course found myslef singing it at the top of my lungs on nights out and I occassionally do an acoustic version if I am asked and I am in a good mood and for that I totally appreciate it and what it has become. But you know what? I'd take Wonderwall over Don't Look Back In Anger any day!

Roll With it

As per above, this track is a great song to sing when hammered with your mates, but would I ever put it on? Simple answer: No.

All Around the World

Now when I spoke about, Hey Now, being ploddy and long, I obviously was not considering, All Around the World, which takes it to a whole new level! The song is tedious, the lyrics bollocks and the entire song meanders along for far too fucking long. If you've heard this once, you've no reason (nor time) to hear it again.

It's Getting Better (Man!!)

I almost can't stand this as much as All Around the World (although not quite). It's Getting Better (Man!!) is a pastiche of all of Noel Gallaghers songs and the sound of someone really struggling with new ideas - Same chords, same 'Rock N Roll' sound and boring nonsense lyrics. Again this goes on for FAR FAR FAR too long. And also, why is the word, 'Man' in brackets? I mean, really?!

Stand by Me

Another track from the third album, Be Here Now, Stand by Me is just another dirge for me really. Very meandering and slow with a chorus that repeats and bores me to the skip button. A song that never gets a repeat airing. That said, I quite like it when Noel does it acoustically.

So there you have it! I've no doubt divided and offended many a fan but these are MY personal choices of songs by that wonderful band that inspired me to play...that I hate! And whilst we're here, let's stop with the reformation idea, huh?! It's over. That is fine. We can all move on!

What do you think are the worst songs Oasis? Let me know in the comments below!

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