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The best songs about drugs

For a life time, Music and drugs have gone together like Donald Trump and Fake News. There have been the songs that have been written whilst under the influence and there are the songs that have been written about being under the influence. But whether it is about being off you pickleand loving it or lamenting the bad aspects of drug use, there are some serious tunes that have come from this subject matter.

So here's six of my favourite songs about drugs.

Disclaimer: I'm neither condeming nor condoning the use of drugs. It's not up to me how you live your life. JUst make what you believe to be the right decision and live with it.

Weak become heroes

A song that, when it is mentioned, has to be followed with the retort, "Oh what a tune!"...Because frankly that's what it is - an absolute, one hundred percent, bona fide, T.U.N.E!

Telling the story of a night on Ecstacy, Mike Skinner (Aka The Streets) details the rush and the feels of a night on the old Jubblees! Marrying his sublime lyrics to the looping piano sound that is directly reminiscent of all those classic house tunes from the old school, ("The same piano loops over and over and over"), proved Skinner to be an absolute genius story teller and songwriter.

Whether you've not done pills and you want to know what it's like, or you've done 'em and you like to reminisce this song is unbeatable!

There She Goes

The La's debut album was a master piece of scouse retro indie rock and is often in the top albums of all time. However, it could be said that this self titled album is maybe much more well known amongst Muso's and not so much the general, music buying/streaming public.

I could be wrong, but what is certain is pretty much everyone in the UK (and probably further a field) will know track number 5: There She Goes.

Now this song's lyrical content has been questioned since it came out in 1990 - Some are adamamant that the lyrics refer to Heroin use, ("Racing through my veins"), whilst others deny it. Lee Mavers did use heroin, so it is not a huge leap to think that this is a song about this, and frankly this is a wonderful tune so I'm leaving it in and saying it is about heroin for blog purposes!


Another song about heroin use is from Brit-Pop lovies, Blur. Beetlebum is a woozy, heavy and intoxicating song that documents lead singer Damon Albarns use of the drug with old flame, Justine Frischmann (Of Brit-Pop Queens, Elastica). The music rides like the slow, ritual of preparing the drug before smoking it ('Chasing the beetle' is an alternative piece of slang to 'chasing the dragon') and then the music releases itself, as if shooting deep into your lungs and creating a rush of blood to the head. A truly amazing piece of music that holds up twenty years later.

Across 110th Street

Said to be one of the first Hip-Hop awareness songs, Bobby Womak sung his heart out about the struggles of drug use and prostitution in the ghetto across 110th Street. This song still gives me chills and Womak once said that it was the song that continued to resonate with him because he could still remember the world that he had so viviidly conjured up. A known drug addict for many years, Bobby Womak lived an intense and in someways, brutal life that you can hear so clearly in his delivery. A wonderful, beautiful piece of art that has risen from a world of despair and pain.

Let's Get High

Dr Dre knows a thing or two about making absolute bangers and this is off the dial! A true party song about sex drugs and Hip Hop. It's brash and in your face and sits on the more 'fun' side of getting high on drugs...Not that I am condoning, kids!

Purple Pills

I think pretty much every person in the universe knows that Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers liked to dabble with the old drugs - and by dabble I mean get seriously fucked up! Using music as his thearpy he often rapped, sung and joked about his experiences with an all manner of stuff he snorted, popped and expereimented with and the song Purple Pills, with his group D12, is a perfect show of his skills. Both a celebration and warning of the drug world ("Drugs Kill"), this song will get your head bobbing like Flat Eric (Google that reference if you don't get it!)

Right, I'm off to get off my face and write some hits!

What songs about drugs do you like? Let me know in the comments below.

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