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New Music Every Month - December: I Believe in Now

Arghhhhh!!! This is IT! This is not a drill! The final track, I Believe in Now, is released and so completes the #newmusiceverymonth project!


I'll have a round of the entire year very soon, but for now it is only right to focus on the latest (and last) track of the year!

I Believe in Now, started off as a bit of a slow piano track, but as the previous song, Lost, had already taken this mantel and the whole point of this entire project was to create different songs each month, I decided to 'disco it up' and make it as up-beat as I possibly could - This went for the music as well as the lyrics. And so, what we have is an Indie-Disco-Pop song that bookends the project, with the first track in January, Grape Juice, being a very upbeat, danceable number.

As always, this song is available to buy and stream on the website, or to stream on YouTube and Soundcloud.

The second EP with the second set of songs will be released worldwide next year!

Thank you all so much for coming with me on this journey and supporting me throughout. I've had so many messages and comments about your favourite songs and it's been so much fun to do this. Sit back and listen to I believe now and I'll be back to chat about the entire #nerwmusiceverymonth project in the new year!

What do you think of the new track? Let me know in the comments below!

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