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Have I missed much?

Hello strangers! I've not posted for tiiiimmmmeeee, bruv, eh?! I'm genuinely sorry about that. It's been a strange old year and we're only just getting into March!

It started with some down right depressing family news at the top end of 2018 that floored me and had me spinning into a dark place...There was not going to be much blog writing around this time let me tell you! However, it then turned a corner and things are OK and getting better...so maybe the old blog machine can be restarted! I've certainly thought about starting another blog after what happened as it goes, but that's not for here and now...this is about MUSIC baby!

So, I just really wanted to touch base again and just have a little chat about what has, is and will be going on so as we can get up to speed. You know, like when you're meeting up with an old mate for beers and you have to get the 'catch up' stuff out of the way before you start planning a revolution, talking cod-shit and having some cheeky Jäger Bombs. Standard

Whether in a dark or light place the one constant in my life is music and I've written a hell of a lot of that this year. Too much, if that is possible actually, because I don't know how I am going to be able to record it all! I will be playing certain tracks at the live shows though and have already begun to sprinkle them in! Keep up-to-date with gigs HERE.

However, with all this new material I am right at this moment planning to get into the studio in the Spring and begin recording a new EP...OK maybe not, right this moment, as I am obviously writing this blog right now, but you don't need to be so pedantic all the time! Jeez!

Essentially, new recordings will happen in April, with a new EP around May/June and I also hope to get a second EP recorded pretty soon after that...and hey, if I can work out the budget (the joys of an Independent Artist!) I could possibly go for the hat-trick and get a third before the year is up! We shall see...!

Incoming news is that the latest music video will be released on Friday 9th March for my song, 'Lost'. 'Lost' is the lead track lifted from the upcoming EP 'Carrier Bag Your career is Over' which will be released on MY BIRTHDAY (Ahem!) on the 16th March! Yep, it's my birthday and it would be a wonderful birthday present if you downloaded, streamed, shared, liked and bigged up the new EP! It would make this increasingly older man, very happy!

There's been some new live, acoustic tracks I've recorded and shared so do remember to follow me on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and reconnect as I know I have been out in the wilderness for quite some time, but I am back, I am feeling positive and I am ready for more fucking music!

Let me know what you've been up to in the comments below.

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