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March For Our Lives: The Incredible Show of Strength

Did you witness the strength of character over in the United States of America, with the #Marchforourlives campaign? What an incredible show of strength from an essentially marginalised part of society - the kids.

For those that are not aware of it, the March for Our Lives campaign was a predominately millennial movement in America, where school kids protested the current gun laws in their country. It was a true triumph of our times and it was hard not to be moved by it. I know I certainly was. Currently there is a lot of turbulence in the world and so any glimmer of hope is like a breath of fresh air - the March for Our lives campaign was a full blown torrent of air...in a good way of course!

To see kids take control, organise and make a stand against something in such large numbers is something to shout about and to feel really fucking good about. Kids get easily pushed aside about not being a viable voice in their future (look at the whole Brexit debacle - Not allowed to join in the discussion even though they are the ones that it will affect the most) and this is simply not the case as this movement has proved to the entire world.

They all came together and used their power, energy and belief to stand up for what they believe in and this even encouraged the stars of their time to come out. People such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Common - Ariana Grande, unfortunately, being no stranger to senseless violence being inflicted on innocents, when a bomber attacked her headlining Manchester show in May of 2017.

I think it should also be stated that the very fact these current musicians are getting involved in this movement (and other causes to be fair) is equally as hopeful a happening. For too long a time, musicians have avoided getting stuck into politics and causes, either for fear of their career prospects or people telling them to 'just sing their songs'. But music and politics have gone hand in hand for decades: The Beatles voiced their opinions about the racism in America, The Sex Pistols were anti establishment, Paul Weller and Billy Bragg were involved with Red Wedge for the Labour party - the list goes on.

But in recent times there has been a systematic dumbing down of society. I mean, shows like TOWIE and the other faux reality bollocks that masquerades for entertainment, basically says that it's cool to be dumb - It's fine to be ignorant and stupid.

But you know what? It's fucking not! That is not to say that these shows are the direct cause of gun violence or the election of Trump etc, but my point is, society has strayed from intelligence being something to be revered to something that is to be ridiculed and this indirectly contributes to bad decisions and a toxic society.

So, when I see these stars giving their opinion, standing up for their beliefs and wanting to fight for a cause it shows them to be intelligent, thoughtful role models that are doing good for society and this should be applauded not sneered at.

Not only were the young guns coming out though, we also saw the elder statesman making their voices heard. Paul McCartney made it out to mention why he was doing it, referencing his old mate, John Lennon.

Michael Stipe also got involved and has released a snippet of his first ever solo record, "Future, if Future", which is in support of the #Marchofourlives movement:

There is a powerful movement amongst the youth that is bubbling up and is ready for change and I think it is wonderful. When I saw the scenes on TV of this march, it reminded me of this quote by the late, great Bill Hicks:

Never a truer word said. The revolution is being televised.

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