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The Pain of Promo

As a songwriter, your work is never actually done. You spend your time writing songs. You learn, refine and rehearse said songs. You take them out on the road and play them live. You then record demos of these songs, before going into the studio and finally recording them and setting them free, releasing them to all the boys and girls of the world.

"Be Free" we say to our single/EP/Album.

But it doesn't end there.

Oh no.

Then we have to promote it. And so begins, The Pain of Promo!

Yes, the fun of the promotion then happens.

So, we consistently and incessantly post on social media, we do interviews with the press, we play lots of shows and we do lots of radio. There are late nights, early mornings and a lot of unhealthiness in-between!

This is terrible for us Singers, who need early nights, late mornings and lots of healthiness! Unfortunately I learned this the hard way!

At the end of me promoting my album, "The Raging Sea" I was run down, my voice was going and my brain was as good as a Cauliflower...in-fact Cauliflowers have vitamins in them, so even that beat my brain function!

One of my final bits of promo that I had to do was be interviewed on Fubar Radio, by Joey Page and then perform a live track. No probs! The interview was a joy, but when I started to play and croak out the song "Turn It Around" I sensed Danger ahead...and by the second verse I was proved right...

I totally forgot the lyrics!

There was shock and horror as it happened LIVE on radio, but, the professional that I am (ahem!) I pulled out a tried and tested trick - I pulled away from the microphone and mumbled nonsense in tune!


That is, of course, until you realise the whole thing was being filmed! You can watch the video below.

And so, since then, when I am deep within the throws of a promo month, I know now to keep things calm - I get rest, I go to bed as early as I can (gigs permitting) and I stay healthy...eating bowls of Cauliflower!

It is really helpful (if you don't mind of course!) if you can go to my YouTube channel and like the video and also leave a comment! I'd love you dearly if you would!

Stay healthy kids!

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