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Halloween Music

Oi Oi!

Have you all been staying in, but going out? Avoiding groups, but going to work on packed trains into busy offices? Not going to pubs, unless they serve food because that is a great deterrent to a virus?!

Good. Well, I just hope you are safe and well.

Anyway, I've to announce some news:

I've not released any music in 2020 (a lot has been put on hold, let's be real!) however, I'm not alright with there being no new tunes out there.

I mean, sure, I've been releasing some raw music via YouTube with my 'Lock Down Lullabies' and 'Sudden Sounds' series, of course. But it's raw, live music. I want to be getting out some recorded material shizzle, ya dig me?!

So, after deciding to put back my new album untill 2021, I figured I had to get something out.

Soooooo, with Halloween just around the corner, Ithought I'd release a couple of stand alone songs for that season.

Not that I'm especially into Halloween. In fact, I could not care less for it to be brutally honest...but, making music I care a lot about and I had a couple of songs that fit the bill, so why the feck not!

So, on the 31st of October new music is coming in the form of a double A-side single to all your beloved streaming services and download sites! Put it in your diary!

Hey, do you know one of the best things you could do for me and my music is to follow me on Spotify?! Click HERE and give me a lovely follow and if you fancy adding some of my tracks to a playlist of yours, even better! xxxx

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