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Halloween Song: Be Careful What You Wish For

Happy Halloween everybody!

Now, let me start by being totally honest with you...I am not actually a big Halloween fan!


I just don't really get it, you know what I mean?

Perhaps I feel unconnected from a very Americanised idea that we have tried to keep up with, like a little brother trying to impress his older sibling...although, technically we're the older ones in this situation, the Americans are mere babies...

...I'm losing my train of thought here.

Essentially, I am trying to be honest with y'all and explain that I am simply not a huge fan of the 'celebration' and I don't like playing dress-up.

There, I said it.

However...I've jumped on the Halloween bandwagon anyway!

But I tell you for why!

I write perform and release my own music, as you know, but I also write for other outlets and a lot of these songs you would not know about. I write for in stores, TV shows, commercials, and films and these often follow specific briefs, styles, and genres. For those that don't know, these are called synchs, and they are a sort after income stream that keeps musicians from dying of starvation and/or enabling them to continue putting their own music out that unfortunately generates sweet fuck all revenue for them.

Now, these synch opportunities are well sort after and thus the competition is fierce and it means there are lots of pitches that you have to apply for. A pitch is basically you putting forward your tune/idea to the music supervisor on the project and then hoping they choose it out of all the applicants.

"What in fucks name has this got to do with you not liking Halloween, Mark?!"

Oh yeah, right, just a back story there so as I can explain myself. Stay with me!

So, a PITCH came in for a SYNCH opportunity (see, you've learnt info and now you are putting it into practice. Well done...oh, and, you're welcome.) related to a horror movie. I liked the sound of it and I wanted to take a shot at it so I digested the brief and then went to work and chiseled away at a track for a couple of days and came out with...this:

I liked the finished product, sent it in to the...

...come on guy you know this...


Yes! "Pitch"! That's correct! Well done. I've taught you so well. I'm...I'm the greatest teacher you've ever known. I've been told by many, many people that I'm probably the bestest teacher with the best words and the best teachings they've ever known. Covfefe!

Excuse me. I'm not sure what came over me there.

Anyway, like I say I really dug the track once I had finished it and as Halloween was only a couple of weeks away, I thought it was the perfect time to do a soft release of it.

By that I mean, it would only be a tune that came out on YouTube, and kept reasonably low key.

Then I thought if it was on YouTube I should do some kind of video for it, but again nothing fancy, just something kitsch and fun and so the monstrosity of a "Music Video" you see is just that - Kitsch and fun!

The main thing about the day I took to put that video together, was that I truly made myself laugh throughout the whole process! So, I'm not arsed about it after that! It was a blast and that's the main thing!

Although hopefully, you do find it fun too, that'd be the icing on the cake!

So, that's the behind the scenes spiel, that no one asked for, about my Halloween song: Be Careful What You Wish For, just to give you all some context and explain why I was getting on the Halloween tip - It was all just circumstance and perfect timing.

If I could ask you to please stream the shit out of it, and what would be even better, is if you could also like and comment on the actual YouTube video?! Doing that really helps with positionings and people being able to find it and all that jazz.

Kisses and thanks in advance! xxx

And so I wish you all a very Happy, Spooky, or whatever noun is appropriate, Halloween and I look forward to Thanks Giving!

And there is no reason for the monkey pics. I just wanted this to be primate themed today.

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