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Happy Halloween!


Granted, Halloween in 2020 will certainly NOT be the scariest thing to happen this year, but never-the-less it is still fright night so let me wish you all a very...


I hope you're all staying self, respecting each other and wearing masks and washing your hands, and basically getting through this alright.

Christ, it's all a massive shitter, huh?!

So, hopefully, this is something to brighten the day a little more because, as promised, I'm excited to tell you that my double A-side single has now dropped! I gots me some new music out there, y'all!

'Vampires Whisper' & 'Be Careful What You Wish For' can be streamed on all of your favourite streaming services (and some you hate too!) below are a few links to take you to some of the most popular:


Apple Music




And if you are feeling really nice and want to support me further, you can download the songs from here:


I've got lyric videos on YouTube also if you want to have a little sing-a-long! As always please do like and subscribe!

And on top of all that, I've put together a Spotify playlist of tons of awesome Halloween tracks for any celebrations you may be having! You're very welcome!

Halloween Bangers Playlist

I hope you like the tunes! It's a shame these are likely the only tunes to come out in 2020, but thems the breaks of this shitty year. New album coming 2021 fo' sho'!!

Please do like, share, comment, big up, download, and all the rest to help me promote this music. It's always appreciated, but I need your help more than ever at the moment!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Stay safe and look after each other!

Speak soooooooonnnnn!!!

Hey, do you know one of the best things you could do for me and my music is to follow me on Spotify?! Click HERE and give me a lovely follow and if you fancy adding some of my tracks to a playlist of yours, even better! xxxx

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