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I like Coldplay again!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Coldplay. The band that begun life with critics citing them as 'the new Radiohead' (!) before eventually becoming the odd, bastardised offspring of U2 and The Scissor Sisters.

What exactly happened, I just couldn't say.

How hilarious is this early pic of them!

Now, both 'Parachutes' and 'Rush of blood to the head' were really great albums, but after that I drifted away from them. Their albums afterwards, in my opinion, sounded a little samey and/or was this overtly camp-pop music that kind of sounded like Bono fucking himself to the sounds of some Camp disco.

Anyway, Coldplay's music just wasn't to my tastes.

I do hasten to add though, that although Coldplay, (and particularly Chris Martin), receives a lot of hate and judgement post 'Rush of blood...', I've never been that guy really. Mr. Martin doesn't actually offend me all that much (he seems like an alright bloke to be honest) and although the music they have made for the past 15 years has not suited my palette, I was happy enough with it fading into the background without me really being too bothered by it all.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Well, I am here to say that my mind has changed. Hugely.

I'm listening to their latest album, 'Everyday life', for the hundredth time since it was released two days ago!

Simply put:




It still seems a little bizarre for me to be saying that I love a Coldplay album again. I'd say at least 50% of the times I've listened to this new album has been to just make sure I am not losing my mind and that I do actually love it.

The results are in:

I love it!

The album is really varied, which makes for an interesting listen and shows an experimental side to Coldplay that they often don't get credit for - In someways unjustly.

There are still a lot of catchy hooks and melodies, but it is focused and not throw away, melding different eastern and western sounds and styles giving it a cinematic and grandiose feel to the record.

Even the promo for the album was precision focused and innovative and I loved watching the story unfold. It began with sending their fans a letter from a semi-fictional group who explained that they had been working on this album "for the last 100 years". It had a kind of Sgt Peppers and Bowie feel to it all and the fact it was an actual letter received in the post, (I mean, you could touch it and everything!) gave the promo an organic feel to it that made it feel warm and friendly and left the fans to do the digital work for them, by excitedly posting up photos of these letters, drumming up all the online buzz themselves.


The tracklisting for the album was released in a variety of local papers, in keeping with this analogue style of promotion, and once again this increased it's traction and reach because people were sharing this across all the social channels and the music press were given another story to write about.

Each single was, in fact, a double A-side providing the public the chance to really sample the different styles that this album was going to deliver and then they went for the money shot!

The big jizz moment of the entire campaign....

...Two live performances streamed live on YouTube in Jordan. A chance to watch the behind the scenes excitement as it happened, then watching an incredible couple of sets with the stunning backdrop of Jordan - one at Sunrise and one at Sunset.

I actually think I prefer the live videos to the album, I've watched them so many times already!

Coldplay, right now, are a band doing EVRRYTHING that I would love to be doing!

The creativity that has gone into this whole production - the promo, the live sets and of course the album itself - is so beautiful. I try my best to create interesting promo bits when I'm promoting a record and I like to try out different ways of communicating my creativity, which is really what the 'A Dawning of the Light' YouTube series has all been about. I guess that is kind of my very budget (as in a zero budget) attempt at something like what Coldplay has done with 'Everyday Life'!

And more power to them, I say. I think it's been a wonderfully fresh and exciting campaign which has only worked because of it being backed up by a truly superb album.

Below are the live sets from Jordan and I urge you to watch both of them! They're great!



So, I'm happy to be back on board the good ship Coldplay in 2019. It's a wonderful album that will surely feature in my 'Best music of 2019' blog!!!

Yes, folks...

...I like Coldplay again!

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