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New Music Radio Show!

Hey all!

Well, it's still happening, huh?! The world is still majorly fucked up and there is a lot of uncertainty hanging around right now, so first, off, I genuinely want to say that I hope you are all doing alright and getting through it all. It's a total drag.

With this in mind though, we need content and distractions to help us get through it and I wanted to let you know about my music show 'Box Fresh' that I present on Maritime Radio each month.

On the third Saturday of every month I pop into Maritime towers in Greenwich and spin the very best new music around, all curated and chosen by yours truly! It doesn't matter what the genre is, it doesn't matter if the act is established or unsigned, all that matters is if it is any good and if it is brand new!

If it passes those two tests, then it's in! I receive hundreds of tracks each month and only have time to play out around 18, so you can relax knowing only the best makes it through! As well as that I regularly have a guest come in and perform live, so there is some nice socially distanced live music for you to listen to as well.

It's a chance to share great stuff with the hope that it opens listeners up to a style or genre they may not have considered before, or even better yet, to their new favourite act!

The show is about positivity, sharing tunes and having a good time for a couple of hours, so we forget about world events and talking about the weirdness/shitness of life right now and just play the absolute crème de la crème of new music!

In addition, I also add all the music I play onto a Spotify playlist (click HERE) so you can easily find your new favourite band!

So join me, every third Saturday and listen to 'ONLY BRAND NEW SOUNDS!'

'Box Fresh'


Third Saturday of the month

96.5FM S/E London

Or Online: https://www.maritimeradio.co.uk/

Hey, do you know one of the best things you could do for me and my music is to follow me on Spotify?! Click HERE and give me a lovely follow and if you fancy adding some of my tracks to a playlist of yours, even better! xxxx

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