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Post Election Blues

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

This blog was meant to be a lighthearted piece about how to deal with the post-election blues. It was going to be in the same vein as the blog I wrote pre-election, WAYS TO SURVIVE THIS GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN

However, as I started writing, it just became a rant.

A rant from the heart, but a rant none-the-less.

When I wrote, there was no humour, because I can't find the comedy in this at the moment. I am deeply upset by the result and by this country and that wound is still too fresh to have healed.

So, I thought I would give you the heads up before you begin reading this because it may not be your cup of tea!

Spoiler: I hate this Government that has been elected in and I am disgusted by parts of this country that made this possible.

Ok, onwards.

I am writing this on the ominous date of Friday the 13th 2019. It is a cold, damp, grey sort of day, bleak if you will, and it is awash with a foreboding darkness that has swept across the sky and, many, (not the few) of the souls that live on this little island of the UK are heavy in heart.

For it was established early this morning that the Tories had won a majority victory in the 2019 UK election and we have Boris Johnson, the far-right clown and all his abhorrent cronies as our Prime Minister.

And those of us that are hurting are trying to work out why anyone would do such a thing to themselves and to others - the most vulnerable in society who have already had 9 years of misery but are being served up another five for good behaviour.

I for one am disgusted.

The consistent lies that Johnson has spouted since he was London Mayor (possibly going way before that too!) right the way through this election campaign, did nothing to deter voters. He is a proven liar and yet, for some reason, certain people believed he'll do right by them and the country.

The clearly damning (by the fact he would not release it) Russia report linking interference in our democratic election campaign for Brexit didn't even phase many voters when they were stood in their voting booth. Nope, it seems they couldn't actually care less that a foreign government got involved with our democratic process.

The avoidance of media interviews from Boris Johnson, climaxing with the toad hiding in a fridge did nothing.


But that didn't even make these voters question if this man was up to the job of the most senior job in the country, who would have to deal with the likes of Trump, Putin and Kim Jong Un. Utterly baffling.

The ridiculous backing he got from the billionaires and media moguls of the country, that are only fighting for their own interests, did not make this large percentage of the electorate think about WHO was actually benefiting from this type of Governement...spoiler: it ain't the working classes!

The racism and sexism and homophobia and links to dodgy regimes that the Tories and Boris is GUILTY of, was brushed under a carpet and it was Corbyn, a man who has a proven record of fighting against any forms of racism and unfairness, who took the heat instead.

For years!

In fact, I still see the same buzz words and slogans that the right-wing press have been smearing J.C with for years being used now! It's so base and uninformed.

Personally, I understand people not loving Corbyn but in relation to the monster that is Johnson?!


And so, Johnson's disgusting remarks did nothing to deter people from voting for this spoilt, privileged, nasty piece of work into high office.

Go figure.

The exact same insanity of lies, corruption and madness happening over the pond with Donald Trump giving us a peek into what could become of this little island still didn't halt the steady march and continued beat of that Tory drum.

And last but by no means least, (by any stretch of the imagination), is the absolute, categorical fact that the NHS, are beautiful wonderful health care system that every Tory for as long as I have been alive has always wanted to cut up and sell-off, is now in the greedy hands of an administration that is ready to sell it to the U.S and big pharma companies...and still they were not deterred.

So why?!

How can it be that people were able to turn a blind eye to all of this?!

One simple fucking word.

A word I detest.

A word that should never have been in the English language, but thanks to a pig fucking toff, who has no care for the little man is now something we hear every single day.


It's as simple as that.

Sell the NHS, fuck the homeless, screw the disabled, give a shit about the 130,000 deaths from austerity, turn a blind eye to the food banks outnumbering the amount of Mcdonalds in this country, allow the lies of the elite to flourish and enslave us, allow the laws to be broken so as the rich can get richer, let's stick with the racism and sexism and homophobia and bully boy tactics so as we stay divided because NONE OF THIS MATTERS...WE WANT OUT!


The "WE" being this small-minded, ignorant, selfish, abhorrent mass of people that since the referendum have fucked us and made me really question this little island of ours.

Great Britain, we ain't.

And so the Scots will want to leave us soon and you know you'll hear the cries of:

"Leave then, we don't want ya".

And then the Welsh will want their independence and again the cries will come forward:

'Fuck off then!"

And before long we'll be left as a fractured, tiny part of an island with no universally free health care, no welfare state, and no society. In a hugely global world, we'll be a part of nowhere - Small, pathetic and at the beck and call of our larger overlords like the U.S and China and anyone else that we will have to succumb to in order to make ends meet.

We'll be a limp dick.

It's 2019, soon to be 2020 and we are rapidly going backwards because of this basic, "Us and them" mentality. We live in a truly global world, we should be working together. We need to think and act differently fast. Perhaps Climate change will be what binds us when it really does begin to kick the fuck out of us, I don't know.

But voting these cretens in was not the answer.

It is not the answer.

I don't know what the answer is right now. Today, Friday 13th 2019. I'm numb. I'm still hurting. I'm still concerned and worried about the poorest and most vulnerable.

But tomorrow is a new day and wounds heal. Tomorrow we will have this Government, but we will be one day closer to getting rid of them. Tomorrow can be the start of hope because right now, hope is something we really fucking need.

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