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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 1: 'Broken Bird'

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

So here it is: 'The Dawning of the Light' Ep.1 'Broken Bird'

I'm so happy and excited to be getting this project started, and I'm especially happy about beginning with the song, 'Broken Bird'!

'Broken Bird' was written when I was trying to write a song using only two chords. I wanted to see if I could write a tune that had some tricky parametres, but would still be interesting and went about writing a two-chord ONLY song.


Pssssst...Come here...

{Whisper} Ok, I'll level up with you, because I like you...it IS a song with two chords for about 90% of the time...but I did threw in a third chord so as to have a little middle eight towards the end!

Hey! A brother's gotta get me some middle eight, right?!

Come on, don't judge!

Anyway, I recorded the guitar and vocals live, by the side of a lake in Mote Park, and I loved that because it picked up all these wonderful sounds of the birds, ducks and nature around me, whilst I was playing. It added this other dimension and layer to the audio that I heard when I took it back into the studio.

I sparingly added some extra sounds and instruments in the studio to lift the song and to help it move forward sonically. You'll hear a wee bit of flute, there's a rolling piano that accents the chord movements a little and then a small bit of brass, which just adds brightness to the tune so as to finish you off like one of those special massage parlours in Soho!

I really love this song (even if I do say so myself!) and I think the lyrics and mood of it make it the obvious opening episode for 'The Dawning of the Light' series. Lyrically 'Broken Bird' is a song about picking yourself up from the floor and not letting the bastards get you down!

It is a hopeful song, with the movement of the music and how it progresses, signifying the darkness/uncertainty being chased out by the light of the power of belief.

Which is all a bit wanky really, but that's why I chose it as the first track! so whatevs!

As I mentioned, the video was shot in Mote Park, which is one of my favourite parks which resides in my hometown of Maidstone in Kent.

Big Up the Kent Massive!!!

I spent a lot of time in that park as a kid and I associate it with happy, free times. I still try and visit it every time I go back to the mighty 'Stone!

The video was shot at around 7am on a beautiful Saturday morning as the sun was coming up. The lake looked beautiful, reflecting the rays of sunlight off of it, and so I immediately set up to film.

It turned out that on that one particular day there was some fishing competition being run and I was set up in some prime fishing real estate! However, being Maidstone folk, they were all very accommodating and waited patiently as I sang me tune!

Thanks guys!

One thing I didn't plan for though was the mosquitos and midges that hang out around that lake, like dodgy glue-sniffing teenagers. Shorts were NOT the one for this shoot as they bit my tasty little ankles to fuck - little gits!

Still, I don't think you'd ever notice the bloody ankle pain I was suffering in the video. I'm like fucking Pachino I could hide it so well!

As well as the fisherman and the mosquitos, I also had to deal with walkers and, more importantly, their canine friends. This became quite a theme for this entire series actually and is one reason why I think I may never do the solo outside filming ever again!

Dogs just seemed to love me and would instantly run over and join in (or attempt to join in using the power of the bark) or they would get so excited that they would knock into my tripod and knock my camera over.

So many shots and takes lost because of a bloody dog!

I mean, dogs are cool and all that, but please...leave a brother to film can't you?!

All the extra cutaway footage that you'll see was shot on my phone in and around Kent over a stretched period of time. My phone was very grateful to me for finally getting round to using all this seemingly useless footage that never got looked at or used in any way, because it finally gave me the ability to delete it off my device and save some much-needed memory!

But what can I say, Phone? I shoot a lot of footage from day to day, for no real reason or aim. I can't help it, but realise...more will be coming.

Oh yes.

More WILL be coming.

Ok, so I've begun to imagine that I'm talking to an inanimate object, which is normally a sign that I should stop talking, so best wrap this up, huh?!

'The Dawning of the Light' Ep.1 'Broken Bird' is out now for you to check out. Please like it, subscribe to my channel and of course leave a lovely comment on the video!

You can also listen to the first episode of my podcast, 'A Diary of a Nobody' right now, which is some rambling nonsense that runs in conjunction with 'The Dawning of the Light' YouTube series.

It's on Apple services and Spotify and all the others too, so have a wee listen!

Next Friday there will be a new 'The Dawning of the Light' episode on Youtube, the second installment of 'A Diary of a Nobody' podcast and a brand new blog right here for y'all, but in the meantime please enjoy, 'Broken Bird'!


Big Love!

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