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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 2: 'I'll Be There'

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hello, one and all! I hope you've had a lovely week and I also hope you enjoyed episode one of 'The Dawning of the Light' which was, 'Broken Bird'!

Well now we're onto:

The Dawning of the Light: Episode 2 'I'll Be There'

'I'll Be There' is a tune that has been kicking around for years and you may have possibly heard me play it live if you've ever come to see me.

And when I say this has been kicking around for years, I mean...


I worked out that I wrote this song around 17 years ago!


I've never quite been able to get the right recording of it and it's often never fitted with any EP I've been doing, so it's become one of those songs that just literally only ever gets played live.

I have quite a few of them, come to think of it!

This was one of the reasons that I wanted to include it in this series, because then at least there is some documentation of it! However, I do also think that the subject of the song and the lightness of the music made it very suited to this series as well.

I headed to Greenwich Park at 6:30 am to get me a place in front of the city to film it! Normally this viewpoint is absolutely overrun with tourists getting their snaps of Canary Wharf in its mighty splendour, but they were not around at this ungodly hour! Oh no! It was just little old me, a few joggers and some dog walkers. Standard.

'I'll Be There' is another song of hope that reads like someone is giving someone else advice and telling them that, no matter what, they are there for them. So, in that respect the sentiment is very similar to that of 'Broken Bird' and it's got me wondering who I am writing these songs too?!

I don't often have someone in mind that I am writing about and so I am beginning to wonder whether these traceless songs are actually me talking to myself - giving me a little pep talk to help me get through stormy times. It's very possible. These songs have helped me out, in one way or another, through some dark periods of my life and so it does kind of make sense.

Good old songs being all helpful and nice and shit!

As mentioned the video was shot in Greenwich Park and I had a little group of joggers, early morning dog walkers and some people heading to work as an audience, which made it quite sweet with a beautiful sunrise happening to the left of us all.

I loved the sound of the birds that were chirping away but what I didn't realise was that Greenwich park is directly under a VERY busy flight path! So, there were many times I had to either wait or stop a take because of the noise of a fucking 747 overhead.

As well as that, the framing of the performance shot does slightly annoy me as it is not quite right. The camera had to be moved several times due to dogs, joggers and people in the shot and where it was finally positioned was just slightly off centre.

This is another reason why shooting this outside series alone became tricky because I have to consider and work in and around other people. I can't fence an area off, I just need to shoot in the best place I can possibly find and sometimes compromises need to be made.

Ho Hum, I still really like how the video looks overall. I mixed in cutaway shots with stuff that I had collected on my phone over time as well as a few shots I took on the day in the park and both really work with the spirit and the feel of the track, I think.

So, please do go check it out by CLICKING HERE! And as always, if you can please do leave a comment, like the video and subscribe to my channel! xxxxx

Episode two of my podcast run in conjunction with this series, 'A Diary of a Nobody', is also out and you can find it by CLICKING HERE! and it is also on all major podcast distributors.

Have yourselves a wonderful week and I shall see you, same place, same time for episode number three!!

Have a great week!!

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