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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 3: 'My Runway'

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Well, here we are folk, The Dawning of the Light - Episode 3 'My Runway' and let me tells ya, this is one of my faves!

I often play this tune live and it is not only a joy to sing, but it is often received well, so of course, it gets pulled out the live bag often! The song is about repenting and trying to become someone better than you are and realising that there is a special someone in your life, whether that be a friend, partner or a family member, who always has your back and helps you to take off and become the person they know you can be.

Shot down in Exeter in Devon, this was actually the third shoot for this song as I tried out various different locations and settled on this performance. It was another early shoot that I did in a little holiday park down in the South West and the power in the performance, I thought, was pretty on point with the message of the song and thus worth taking into my studio to work on.

The studio adds are some piano to really move the song along before it breaks into some brass that just lifts the whole track as if you are taking off. I find the music to be so positive and uplifting and I really love this production.

The live performance is intercut with footage that I had amassed over time of planes in the sky, taking off and landing in various different places and you may have noticed that it follows on from Episode 2: 'I'll Be There', where at the end I look up at a plane in the sky segwaying (is that a word?!) into this episode!

So, I shall let you run free now people, but please do go check out The Dawning of the Light - Episode 3 'My Runway' by clicking HERE and please do remember to go ahead with all the lovely, good stuff - Like, Comment and Subscribe!

I love ya for it!

There is of course episode 3 of my Podcast, 'A Diary of a Nobody', that runs in conjunction with 'The Dawning of the Light' and that can be found by clicking HERE!

Have yourselves a great week and I'll be back next Friday for some more NEW MUSIC in the form of yet another episode of 'The Dawning of the Light'!

Peace out bitches!

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