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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 4: 'Born Again'

Howdy-do, folks!

How's the week been? You're looking really good. Have you done something with your hair?!

We are now over half the way through my YouTube series 'The Dawning of the Light' as we reach, Episode 4: 'Born Again' today!

I hope you've been enjoying it so far!

Born Again was a song I wrote earlier this year after I worked once again with potent hallucinogenic plant medicines! I had a glorious, beautiful experience and I came away with a glow of happiness, a cleansed soul and even a girlfriend!

The feelings I came away with from the retreat were as if I had in fact been born again and I was so loved up with life and love that this song just oozed out of me the moment I picked up the guitar.

Now, eventually, all of this sadly evaporated and went away.

Sad times.

Things just went south in many aspects and my mental health suffered, reaching the darkest point of my life so far, and truly feeling the full force of depression.

It was quite an experience.

I don't recommend it.

However, although I was no longer experiencing the glow of that infinite happiness anymore (quite the opposite in fact) this song was a kind of memory, or a gentle nudge in my ribs, reminding me that things can and do get better. It didn't matter that the song was slightly entwined with my, by now, EX-girlfriend, as it had a much deeper meaning and message than that - That great things can come out of nowhere and surprise you and the only way to experience more of these times is to simply keep on going.

This song was actually a big catalyst in creating 'The Dawning of the Light', as it offered me a lifeline whilst I was sinking. It symbolised a bit of hope that existed and it got me thinking about other songs, about writing new ones to process, grieve and usher the light back in.

And soon the concept for this series of videos was born!

The performance part of the video was shot in Maryon Park in Charlton, (Where, incidentally, they shot the sixties classic film 'Blow Up' with David Hemmings - Personally, I never really liked the film but there you go!) and that park was such a huge part of battling my depression that it felt fitting to film the song there.

I often wandered around it when I could get myself out of bed and (WARNING - Incoming Hippie bit!!) I felt the purification of the beautiful nature around me, helping me to get better and pushing me forwards and through the darkness.

I actually became quite fond of certain trees as it goes and I still give them a bit of a hug or a rub whenever I am back there!

Say what you like, but the bond is real maaaaaaannnnnn!!

The other cutaway shots were just picked up overtime on my phone in different parks I was in, the lions share coming from Danson Park in Bexley, and I think it has created a suitable backdrop to the meaning and feel of the song.

I hope you like it!

You can watch The Dawning of the Light - Episode 4 'Born Again' by clicking HERE

You can listen to the latest episode of 'A Diary of a Nobody' podcast by clicking HERE

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See you next week!

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