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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 5: 'Onward Bound'

Hey hey, pop pickers!

Well, we've only gone and found ourselves at Episode 5 of 'The Dawning of the Light' with my busking stalwart, 'Onward Bound'.

This tune gets cracked out whenever I'm down in the London Underground because it has that kind of busking quality to it - An easy chorus to sing-a-long to even if you're hearing it for the first time, a bouncy tune with an upbeat melody and lots of peaks and troughs sonically.

I bloody love it and most commuters seem to as well!

The sentiment of the song is really a positive take on life after death, with the possibility of it being an ongoing journey.

There's that hippy in me coming out to play again...maaaaaaaannnnn!

I don't know why I wrote about that subject matter, it just came out of me on a non-descript day and I liked how 'feel good' the song is.

It felt like the right place in the sequence of all these songs in this series to drop and I really think it works following on from the previous four tracks in this musical journey.

The video is one I really like too. It was shot down in Ramsgate at a place where a lot of Kite Surfers go to ride their boards and I feel like the visuals really marry up to the sentiment of the song - constant motion and movement and beauty. It was also really fun to film it and done within two takes because I was in a spot that was a little secluded from the rest of the beach, so I had no dogs, children or groups of people gathering around me.


The Dawning of the Light: Episode 5 'Onward Bound' can be found by clicking HERE

You can listen to the fifth episode of the 'A Diary of a Nobody' podcast by clicking HERE

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See ya next week!

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