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'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 6: 'Worry Blues'

'Sup Kids!

How do I find you on this Friday morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate)?!

We are deep into the silly season now so I hope you have been taking care of yourself and not having too many Christmas booze-related mishaps?!

Now, would you Adam and Eve it, but we've reached the penultimate song of 'The Dawning of the Light' series! This whole process has sped by for me and I've kind of saved some of the best for last I think!

So, today we move onto a tune called 'Worry Blues', which I just love so much.

I wrote it as I started to come out of my depression during a really hot, summer day. I was reading a lot of Eckart Tolle at the time and I was starting to pick myself up and put myself back together whilst doing a bit of soul searching, thinking about how I had been treating myself over many years.

I wasn't being my best friend, let's put it that way!

I was sat there with my guitar and this tune came out, with some interesting chord inversions that I seemed to just stumble across and which gave the music a lovely folk quality to it.

The lyrics didn't come out all in one go, there were a few re-writes of lines here and there, but I love the meaning behind this song and although it is written as me imparting advice to someone, whenever I play it I kind of hear it as me talking to myself also - trying to remind myself that there is a lot of wasted time worrying about things that I have no power over. It is a really cleansing song for me and I love singing it.

And the video is so pretty! I find the sea very calming and soothing and so I was certain that this was the backdrop I wanted for this song. So I went down to Viking Bay in Broadstairs and did me some good ol' filming!

The live performance stuff was really tricky because where I filmed was actually on a busy pathway that was filled with joggers, cyclists, kids and of course those little terrors that love me...DOGS!

So, there were a lot of takes interrupted by people coming over and chatting to me (whilst I was in the middle of filming no less!) crowds of people hanging around making noise and dogs running up hitting into my equipment!

Not only that, the longer I was there the stronger the wind became so it was hard to get a decent recording of the music...but I think I got one good one in the end!

The cutaways are shots in and around the area and they make for a really pretty and calming video I think.

'The Dawning of the Light' Episode 6: 'Worry Blues' can be watched by clicking HERE

The sixth episode of my podcast 'A Diary of a Nobody' can be listened to by clicking HERE

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I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Eat Loads, drink loads and let your winter hair down as these moments are to be cherished!

Love ya loads and I'll see you after Father Christmas has arrived for the final (sob, sob!) episode of 'The Dawning of the Light'.

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