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The future of tipping buskers

Busking: A noble occupation that relies on cash being given to the performer from the passing public for (hopefully) brightening their lives. For hundreds of years coins and notes have been dropped into hats, guitar cases and coats that sit at the feet of singers, guitarists and songwriters across the country.

But in the year of 2017, carrying around cash is becoming more and more obsolete with the use of cards being favoured by the majority. The introduction of contactless payments have made it easier and quicker to pay for goods and services and has almost made carrying cash around redundant. Thus, how can a busker in 2017 continue doing what he does best - Busk for change...that's monetary 'change' and not 'social change' of course. Though if you are busking for social change, more power to you!

I've digressed.

There is a new 'tipping' option that is slowly taking hold of the busking community in the form of contactless pay points in or on the buskers gig bags!

This is certainly the way in which us buskers have to start moving towards as cash is really becoming something that we carry less and less. I pretty much use my card for EVERYTHING. Only today I bought a banana for 11p on my debit card, so with that attitude I guess this is something I should invest in. I do pretty well still with the cash that is dropped in my guitar case, but I do wonder how much more, if any, I would make from having one of these machines. Are people likely to use a contactless system on a busker? It may seem a little alien and odd to them at the moment. I am certainly not negative towards the idea, I mean it would certainly save a lot of time and effort separating the coins into different money bags and taking them to the bank for one thing, but I just wonder how comfortable people would be to use these things right now?

I guess there is only one way of finding out, huh?!!

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