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YouTube Series: The Dawning of the Light

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (delete as appropriate) you lovely bunch! I hope this finds you all well and everything is rosy in your individual, respective worlds!

I come to you in a fit of excitement, because this is a blog post about NEW MUSIC BEING RELEASED!! My all-time favourite type of posts!

I'm bloody tenting at the sheer joy of it all!

Yes, yes, YES! I have 7 new tracks that I've recorded, and will release, every single Friday for the next 7 weeks as of tomorrow (15.11.12019)!

It is all part of my new YouTube Series: The Dawning of the Light!

I'm very excited to be doing this as it is a different creative approach to the standard way in which I record and release music and allows me to keep the content (of the many, many, MANY songs I continue to write), coming out to you guys!

Let me explain.

Obviously, the old, Studio - Record - Promote - Release Album/EP/Single, is the best way to release stuff to the world and that ain't ever gonna change for me. However, as much as I would love to be in the studio every single day, recording the multitude of songs I write it just ain't possible!

That's what Prince used to do - constantly recording, the prolific little bastard. But then he had a fully state of the art studio in his house and fuck loads of dollar. Sigh.

Essentially, it is a costly business to record and release music and these days it is near on impossible to claw back those outgoings. So, releasing music in the traditional sty-lee, has to be well thought out and planned.

Buuuuutttttt, I write so many fucking songs that not being able to release them is often a bitter pill to swallow - I just want everyone to hear them! Often new songs get left to the good old live scene to be shown off, but as I have stated in a previous post, (BYE BYE, ME!) sometimes the live scene can be a load of old cock, with audiences being a load of old cocks and not really paying attention to the music!

And you know what they say about too many cocks...oh...hold on...

Anyway, the cogs in my brain-machine started to whirl and I came up with a plan!

I would combine live performance, with a bit of studio magic and release some demo versions of a selection of tunes that have not been released. This particular collection of songs were specifically chosen because they all had a common theme to them: A positive, uplifting beacon of light that can brighten and empower. I've had a bit of a topsy, turvy weird year and these songs have helped me - whether that was through the cathartic nature of writing them or specific lyrical content or music that has lifted me in darker times.

The idea was to film myself performing a song live - Vocals and guitar. I would then take that audio into my home studio and add just a few small overdubs. So perhaps I'd add some keys here, some brass there or a string section here and there! I wouldn't add any drums and there would be no other vocals or guitar aside from what I filmed live. The overdubs would purely be to just elevate the song a little and make the finished product a kind of live-demo or a stripped back band performance type of thang!

Ya dig?!

I then got to thinking about how to present these songs, instead of just a static shot of one man and his guitar and I released that something else I seem to 'collect' other than songs, is video footage on my phone! Whenever I am out and about I take little snippets of film of things that I like the look of or I think would look cool...

...and then they sit on my phone, never being viewed, for a few years, before I realise I need to clear some space and delete them.

Ahhhh, modern life!

And so, I decided to weave these bits of random phone footage into the videos of me playing live, creating something that is one part live performance, one part studio recording and one part abstract music video...with some shaky camera work!

The key thing to the shoots was the theme of light and nature: Sunrises, seas, lakes, parks, light reflections, darkness being lit up..that kind of jazz! Essentially, positive abstract beauty to go with the nature of the music.

A shot from one of the upcoming videos...oooohhh!

I was going to combine each video with a bit of a Vlog at the start or end, which I did experiment with on a couple of videos I released on my YouTube channel earlier this year, but in the end my verdict on this idea was a resounding...


It just got in the way and didn't lend itself to the nature of the series. Instead though, I've opted to give podcasting a go (Yikes!) and release a weekly podcast in conjunction with each video that comes out!

I know, right?!

It's called, 'A Diary of a Nobody' and I'm using it to explain a little bit more about the particular song that is released that week and also to chat complete and utter bollocks and see if I enjoy the old podcasting game.

The first episode comes out tomorrow (15.11.19) at the same time as the first episode of 'The Dawning of the Light' is released on YouTube. And sure, this may be something that perhaps only specific fans/supporters will listen to, or perhaps no-one will listen to it at all! I am open to that happening. However, I think this is more about doing something that I want to do and so I'm gonna give it a bit of a try.

You can't hate a guy for trying, right?

Right, guys?!

Where'd everybody go?!

Anyway, it's early days so judge it accordingly (can you tell that I'm a little anxious about all this?!) if you do listen. I am going to keep them between 15-20minutes in length whilst I find my feet. The podcast will be on Apple, Spotify, and all the other podcast outlets.

As well as the old poddy I'll also be writing a weekly blog specifically about the particular episode of 'The Dawning of the Light', which means that each Friday, for seven weeks from tomorrow, there will be new music on YouTube, a new Podcast episode and a brand new blog to read!

Lots of delicious content, basically!

Of course, it would be fair to say, M'Lord, that I do really want you guys to enjoy all the content I put out. However, a pretty key thing about this entire project is for me to lose myself in the creative process itself and to not get totally concerned and consumed with people liking it, making money from it and all the rest of the shittier side of trying to carve some kind of life from your art.

This is raw and unpolished content, but it is MY raw and unpolished content and it has been an absolute joy (for the most part!) immersing myself in it all. It's very hard to not be bothered at all about how it is received, but I am certainly trying to take a healthier approach and know that everything I've done and will continue to do for it has been a joy and that is the main goal of creating anything really.

Now, I think I should wrap this shit up because I've gone on for long enough and you probably need a toilet break.

Thanks for reading to this point though! xxxxx

So, from tomorrow, (15.11.19) I'll begin rolling it all out! Tomorrow's first 'The Dawning of the Light' episode will be the song, 'Broken Bird'. There will be a blog released right here all about it and the first episode of 'A Diary of a Nobody' will also be out for your listening pleasure!

I hope you stick around for the next seven weeks of this project and I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about the content that is released!

Until tomorrow!

Big Love!

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